Backing Up Your Key Ring

Your key ring controls access to your backups. If you lose all copies of your key ring, or forget your passphrase, you will lose access to your backups. Therefore, it is essential to keep backups of your key ring.

If you upload your key ring to your web key ring (as is done by default), Opsmate takes care of backing it up for you (though if you set a passphrase, we cannot reset it if you forget it). If you don't upload your complete key ring, or you upload it with a passphrase, follow these instructions to make your own key ring backup.

Export your key group

First, determine the UUID (e.g. 0656e9be-8bf8-8d35-1601-0a1ab5e58ac9) of your key group:

opsmate key list

Next, export your key group:

opsmate key export UUID --change-passphrase -o FILENAME

You'll be asked to set a passphrase for your exported keys. Choose a passphrase that you'll remember, or set no passphrase and use other means to protect your keys (such as storing them on a thumb drive in a safe place).

Store your backup somewhere safe

Copy the exported file somewhere safe. Do not store it on the same server you are backing up. You should ideally store it off-site. For maximum security, put it on a thumb drive and store it in a safe deposit box. Make several copies and store them in different places for redundancy.