Back Up a Whole Server

  1. Install Opsmate on the server if it's not already installed.

  2. Run the following command as root and follow the prompts to configure Opsmate:

    opsmate setup

What to Expect

When you run opsmate setup, you'll be asked:

  • Your Opsmate account username and password.
  • How often you'd like automated backups to occur.
  • Whether you want to set a passphrase on your Decryption Key.
  • Whether to perform an initial backup immediately.

Choosing a Key Group

If you already have a server on your account, you'll be asked to choose between generating brand-new keys for this server, or re-using another server's keys. Generally, you should re-use keys, since it's more convenient and saves you storage space by doing data deduplication between all your servers.

However, if you'd like to segregate access to your backups for security reasons, you should generate a brand new key.

Advanced Options

Several options may be passed to opsmate setup to refine your configuration:

  • --system-name=NAME - specify a name to identify the server (defaults to the hostname)
  • --hybrid - enable Hybrid Security Mode (don't upload your Decryption Key)
  • --paranoid - enable Paranoid Mode (don't upload any private keys)
  • --advanced - be prompted for minute configuration details

Next Steps