Backing Up as a Non-Root User

It's possible to create backups as a non-root user. The standard instructions for setting up Opsmate apply, with the following differences:

  • When you run opsmate setup, you'll be asked what directory to back up.
  • Your configuration is stored in the ~/.opsmate/backups/conf directory instead of /etc/opsmate/backups.
  • Opsmate does not automatically back up your system. To configure automated backups, you need to edit your personal crontab (by running crontab -e) and add an entry to execute opsmate backup -A.

Example Crontab Entry

The following crontab entry creates a backup at 5 minutes past midnight every day:

5 0 * * * opsmate backup -A

Run man 5 crontab for crontab documentation.