Restoring Files from the Opsmate Website

Files can be restored by logging into your Opsmate account and using an intuitive interface to browse through your backed-up directories.

Downloading a File or Directory

Individual files can be downloaded in two different forms:

  • In raw form. This is the original, unencrypted file.
  • As a bundle, which is encrypted and includes all original metadata. A bundle is similar to a tarball or Zip archive, but encrypted. It must be extracted using the opsmate extract command, as described below.

Entire directories can be downloaded as a bundle, which includes all descendants and preserves the original metadata and directory structure.

To download a file or directory, just click the "Bundle" or "Raw" button in the upper right corner of the page.

Note: to download a raw file, your online key ring must contain the server's Decryption Key. To download a bundle, your online key ring must contain the server's Browse Key. Learn more about keys...

Extracting a Bundle

Run: opsmate extract [OPTIONS]] BUNDLE [OUT_PATH]

  • BUNDLE is the filename of the bundle.

  • OUT_PATH is the directory where files should be extracted (defaults to the current directory).

  • Notable OPTIONS:

    -mMerge into existing directories, replacing existing files
    -rCompletely remove and replace existing files and directories
    -sStrict restore (fail if a file can't be extracted)

    (For a complete list of options, run opsmate help extract)

By default, opsmate extract fails instead of overwriting an existing file. This behavior can be changed with the -m or -r options.

Note: to use opsmate extract, your key ring must contain the Decryption Key for the server that created the backup. Learn more about keys...

Using the Restore Cart

If you need to restore many files at once, use the Restore Cart feature. The restore cart works like a shopping cart, allowing you to add files and directories that can later be downloaded in bulk as a single bundle file.

To add the current file or directory to the cart, click the "Add to Cart" button, located to the right of the "Bundle" download button. Adding a directory adds the entire directory, including all descendants.

To view your cart, click the "N files in cart" link in the upper right corner of the page. To download your cart, click the "Download as Bundle" button at the bottom of the page. You can extract the resulting bundle file with opsmate extract as described in the previous section.

Note that you have a separate and distinct cart for each server.

You can add files from different snapshots to your cart, so you can include just the right version of every file.

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