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Linux server backups that are secure and easy to set up, with zero IT cost.

Easy Setup, Batteries Included

Opsmate saves you significant time and IT cost over managing your own backup solution. It's easy to set up, and ships with reasonable defaults so you don't have to configure anything to get up and running. There's no need to worry about cron jobs, exclude lists, or obscure command line options to properly preserve metadata. Opsmate lets you focus on your business—not on backup administration.

Of course, if you have special requirements, advanced knobs are available for your tuning.

Reliable Operation

Opsmate is designed with reliability in mind. Your backups are replicated across multiple datacenters on different coasts of the United States and can survive the entire loss of up to two facilities.

Opsmate automatically monitors your backups and alerts you if there's a problem or if a scheduled backup doesn't take place. With Opsmate, you never have to worry about problems going undetected.

Opsmate gives you visibility into your backups, so you can be sure that the right files are being backed up successfully. Opsmate is a system you can trust, not a black box that takes your data.

Strong Security

Opsmate uses strong encryption to protect your data. Your data is encrypted, before leaving your server, using keys specific to your account.

Opsmate gives you control over your private keys. Don't want to worry about key management? Let Opsmate take care of your keys. Want maximum security? Enable Paranoid Mode, and your private keys never leave your server, ensuring that no one else, not even Opsmate, can read your backups.

Opsmate doesn't toss around snake-oil phrases like "bank-grade security" or "448-bit encryption." We believe in transparency, and publish actual details about our cryptography so you don't have to trust your data to a black box.

Restore Files From a Simple Web Interface

Opsmate makes it easy to restore your backups. You can browse and restore individual files right from your web browser.

Files can be downloaded as encrypted bundles and decrypted offline, so your private data is never in the clear.

Restore Files from the Command Line

You can mount your backups as a FUSE filesystem, and use familiar commands like ls and cp to browse and restore your backups.

You can open old versions of files in your favorite text editor. Want to see how a file has changed? Just diff it.

Restore to a Brand New Server

Opsmate lets you restore an entire backup to a brand new server in just a few clicks. Your entire server is restored, exactly as it was. With Opsmate, you'll never waste time getting back up and running after a disaster.

Quality Support

All support requests are handled by a qualified engineer with the knowledge and ability to help you, and never by a low-tier customer support representative.

Priority support, phone support, and onboarding consultation are available with the upper-tier plans.

Easy-to-Understand Pricing

Opsmate's pricing is simple and easy to understand, with plans starting at just $10/month per server. You're charged only for storage, and never for restores or data transfer. And there are no license fees, setup fees, or long-term contracts.

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