Simple and Secure Server Backups

Opsmate backs up your Linux servers securely, for a fraction of the cost and effort of alternatives.

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Batteries Included

Opsmate ships with everything you need so you can get up and running quickly with no configuration required.

Strong Security

Opsmate encrypts your data before it leaves your server, and you have control of the decryption keys. Learn more

Easy Restores

Browse and restore your backups from an easy-to-use web interface or from intuitive command line tools. You can even mount your backups as a FUSE filesystem.

Automated Monitoring

Opsmate automatically monitors your backups so you don't have to worry about problems going unnoticed.

Full Server Restores

Quickly and easily restore an entire backup to a brand-new server at a cloud provider.

Simple Pricing

Starting at just $10/month per server. And restores are always free. See plans and pricing