Full System Restore

Opsmate lets you restore an entire snapshot to a brand new server with Full System Restore.

Warning: Full System Restore is still experimental.

To use full system restore, log into the Opsmate website, select a server, and click the "Full Restore" link next to the snapshot you'd like to restore.

Fill out the Full System Restore form. You have the option to configure new network settings. If you are restoring to a server in a different network environment than the original server, it's crucial that you configure new network settings so that your server boots with accessible networking.

After submitting the form, you'll be given a command. Boot up a brand new server with the same architecture, disk layout, and kernel as the original server, and execute this command as root. The existing filesystem will be completely erased and replaced with your Opsmate snapshot.

Note that your login session to the server will be terminated shortly after running the command. The restore will continue in the background and you'll receive an email when it's complete.